Tips on tyre safety.


Over the past couple of days, I noticed that my steering wheel oscillates up and down even driving while on a fairly smooth road. Also, the front wheels experience unusually tense vibrations when the car bumps over otherwise small depression and humps on the road. It was then, I called in my mechanic who at first sight told me that one of the front tyres was bad. I couldn’t believe him initially. Why? Because the tyres were fairly new. Having changed all the 4 tyres less than 2 years ago, I thought that I still had some mileage on them.However, it turned out that the mechanic was right spot-on with his assessment of the fault. On removing the tyre and standing it on an even surface, lo and behold the tyre was trully uneven. One side of the tyre was slightly higher than the other running all round the circumfrerence. Also, on careful observation, I noticed that the tyre has taken on a ) – shape.

SOLUTION: Temporarily transfer the faulty tyre to the back and the back one to the front. Meanwhile, I will replace the faulty tyre ASAP.

MORALE: Always check your tyres and do well to investigate any suspicious sound from that your hard-earned cash-down-bought car.

Honesty promotes trust in business relationships. It may even help to save lives. And who knows, the life you save may be yours.

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