The heart of the matter: The heart matters most.

wallnut fruits


Last week, my wife bought some wallnut fruits from Oil Mill market. The following morning, I picked up 4 for a quick breakfast in the office.

The wallnut fruits reminded me of something. But hard as I tried, I couldn’t immediately lay my thoughts on what they were reminding me of. My mind fleeted back to my teen days when my dad use to fete me with these fruits on his return from one of our farms.

The outward covering shell is an  uninviting black or at best a depressing brown color. Then, just take courage,  take a plunge, crack the shell and a delicious white or milky white world of goodness awaits you.

Yes, the wallnut fruit reminds me that I should not judge by outward appearances only. Do not be quick to make conclusions just because of outward appearances.

So well did the Holy Bible taught us that, “….. the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” 1Samuel 16verse 7

Wallnut fruit

What other lessons does the wallnut fruit teach you?

4 comments on “The heart of the matter: The heart matters most.

  1. @Mr Akinlade:
    The wallnut issue is a serious case in point about making risky decisions in life.
    It’s important to note that making risky decisions demands clear critical thinking. However, this does not in any way leave out the neccessity of the Sprirt’s guidiance. This is the bane of many people today, even believing christians, so to say.
    Also, from the wallnut story, I learnt that ugly situations in life could be blessings in disguise. Just as a mere look at the colour of its shell can put one, the delious fruit inside when cracked, can be very inviting. Everything here boils down to taking good calculated risks in the face of ugly situations in life.
    Finally, I would like to submit that, there is easy road to success based on this story.


  2. Wall nuts. Very tasty. But the goodness immediately turns into a repulsive bitterness when u drink water. Lesson to be gleaned from it is that: Life is as sweet as it could be bitter.


    • Bigger bros also, remember that the temporary bitter afte. taste has some positive therapeutic/medicinal values. Well don’t ask me for the medical books I read.


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