Civility on our roads

CIVILITY: How we so much need more of it these days?

I had just exited the “bomb – craters” eye-sore, shame-inducing potholes of Second Artilery (by TOTAL Petrol Station) all the while keeping a safe distance from the central road divider. I was gradually revving up on the throttle when the car that I had previously made more room for, suddenly veered towards my side. Almost “ramming” me to the central road divide, we narrowly avoided serious side-swipe damages to our respective cars. Without, much ado, we both pulled off the road and stopped by the side of Jesus House.
Coming out of the car, I inspected the passenger side and good enough, my car had, just a slight peel-off of the paint. The same thing goes for the other car.
“I am sorry. It was all my fault. The driver to my right tried to “push” me off the road. That is why I rammed into you. I hope the damage to your car is not serious?” To which, I replied, “I hope that the damage to your car was not serious too?”
And so, exchanging our first names, we settled what would ordinarily have been a serious altercation with friendly and peaceful handshakes
before we resumed our journeys to our respective homes and families. Not that I even have much strength or time to engage in those types of arguments anyway. Even if I am in the right, will the other guy own up and take respondibility for his mistakes?
The point I’m making is not that I am in the right in this case. Fact is that I’ve been emphasizing how I and the other two drivers in my home need to improve on our driving habits and skills.
When in the wrong, one should put aside the ego, owe up, apologize and take responsibility for ones actions.  Even though one may not be able to entirely avoid the unpleasant consequences of the mistskes (big or small), at least you are able to manage the bad fallout with dignity and self respect.
Can we all commit to bringing more civility to play in our daily interactions?

Fellow Nigerians…….

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