Road accidents & micro-sleeping while driving


In this our part of the world, our people are so much used to bad roads. The negative effect of this pervasive situation is such that anywhere some drivers by chance stumble on a few hundred feet of authentic asphalt road, they can not resist the temptation to want to throttle to the end of the speedometer.

This accident happened in the early hours of this morning (Monday, November 12) along Ilom Street, Woji Town in Port Harcourt. I stopped my car to look around and assisted the traffic a bit before resuming my drive to the office. The trafficator lights of the RAV4 were still flashing. The Accord was said to have been parked on the roadside for longer than a day.

While my sympathy goes to the victims of this accident, let us all be more cautious and corteous in our driving habits. Do well to slow down and give the other guy the right of way.

Last Saturday while returning from the office, I saw a guy sleeping behind the steering wheel. I was driving along old Aba Road, between Shell RA and Rumuomasi roundabout (in Port Harcourt). Suddenly, we noticed this guy dangerously creeping in on us. We thought it was a joke, but only to observe that the bloke was actually dozing-off behind the wheels – a case of micro-sleeping while driving even at very low speeds. Had my coleague not been alert to notice this guy and cautioned me to quickly get out of “his” way, I would have had my car seriously dented.

When you point one finger at another person, at least three fingers are pointing at you. My people, make we think o.


Too much of everything is bad – including water.

Too much of everything is bad – including water.

  What an irony, that, such a sweet sounding name has been the harbinger of so much mayhem? The images of the horrific devastion caused by Hurricane Sandy has flooded the internet and rightly so. We’ve all seen the images of the catastrophic losses that mother nature inflicted on her children. We’ve also seen and read the heroic and selfless actions of individuals who rose up to help their neighbors. Some even gave up their lives to save others in the process. This is one of the most admired traits seen in the American people. “People helping people.” They all always pull together in the time of adversity irrespective of their differences. Of course, their government also always rise to the occasion too. However, in their own case, the people never expect their governments to do everything. Relief and rebuilding largely come from individuals, organizations, neighbors and communal efforts. There, you will not find people wringing their hands, whining and complaining against their governments. Everyone, (individuals, companies, organization, etc etc ) stepping out and with rolled up “shirt-sleeves” not only ask, “What can I do to help?”, they also put life and action into their sympathy and empathy. Everyone helps to rebuild shattered lives – people helping people.

“What you are looking for in Sokoto city is right inside the pocket of your “shokoto”.” (shokoto means; a pair of trousers in Yoruba language)

Back at home, in our own very backyard, we have witnessed devasting floods in the Niger Delta area and several other parts of our country. You and I already know what our governments can do and are doing. So, let us leave that one out of the question. The issue I am raising here is, “What have I done to help these flood victims?” And, “what have you done from your  own little corner to bring succour to these people?”
Don’t just fold your hands while complaining and watching the TV screens of these catastrophic destruction all over the place – far away and near ar home. You may not be able to go to those Niger Delta  villages or New York city to help in person. But, wait, your money can go. Your N100s can go there. So can your N1000s, N10,000s and your  N1,000,000s. Your N1,000,000s is not too much, neither is your N100 too little. “What is the bank account number?”, you ask. Don’t worry. Many of us already belong to credible and trustworthy civic bodies, churches, mosques, non-profit organizations, clubs, societies, companies, unions etc, etc. The local committees of the Red Cross & Red Crescent and reputable NGOs are also there. Some of us are happily living in our own personal or rented houses. Just stop and think for a moment. Can you ever imagine what it means? “You are rudely woken up in the middle of the night one day to discover that your life and the lives of your loved ones are in a clearly present and imminent danger, your house and all your material possessions are being swept away by  flood?”

“Bad news,” as the saying goes, “is good news.”  Don’t just fold your hands, looking at the screen and sighing in seeming helplessness, “oohhhh!”, “aaahhh!”, “yeepah!.” “yee paripah!”

The little good you do from your own little corner will bring hope and laughter to some lives in distress. Make a commitment. Do something today. Do not say, “It is not my concern”, because it is. Do not say, “there is nothing I can do”, because there is so much impact you can make. That seemingly little contribution, yours and mine will add up to put laughter and warmth to the beleaugered faces of our distressed brothers and sisters that have been ravaged by flood all over our nation.

Charity begins at home though it never ends there.
“My people, make we think o.” Not to only think. My people let us act. Today.

Instant unfriending

I don’t even know her nor have I seen her. And it is one in infinite probabilities that I will ever meet her, here on God’s planet earth. Yet, she is already calling me her “dear” one and requesting for my pictures and also inviting me to view her pictures through an e-mail link. How many of our highly impressionable but gullible young girls and boys ever imagine that this is an invitation to big-time hellish trouble? All of these arising because of the seemingly innocuous anonymity of Facebook. How many people equally know what to do in the event they mistakenly befriend those Facebook friends with far from friendly and unwholesome moral and cyber intentions?

In my own case, it was not a mistake. I got connected to this lady through my link with two credible  friends that I personally knew in persons. Of course, I knew of phishing, profile hijackings and many other scams that are constantly trying to swindle and hijack the unwary. However, one cannot be too careful. And what did I do afterwards?

Instant unfriending!!!

We really need to start applying more UNFRIENDING to trim down on the numbers of those our cyber friends. “… Where there is love, I will be there”, so sang the late Michael Jackson. But it is only a narcissist that wants to love and beloved by every person including imaginary ones. Henceforth, I will start trimming down on the number of my Facebook friends. If any of my friends deliberately put an objectionable picture, link or whatever or link me to those unwholesome sights,  (I repeat the word deliberately) I will instantly UNFRIEND them.

Of course, I am not pontificating or moralizing for anybody. That is just me. All rights reserved.

Ephesians 5:11 – 12
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 

John 1:5
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Facebook used to kidnap, traffic and raped Indonesian girls.

Revelation 13:9
If any man have an ear, let him hear.