Road accidents & micro-sleeping while driving


In this our part of the world, our people are so much used to bad roads. The negative effect of this pervasive situation is such that anywhere some drivers by chance stumble on a few hundred feet of authentic asphalt road, they can not resist the temptation to want to throttle to the end of the speedometer.

This accident happened in the early hours of this morning (Monday, November 12) along Ilom Street, Woji Town in Port Harcourt. I stopped my car to look around and assisted the traffic a bit before resuming my drive to the office. The trafficator lights of the RAV4 were still flashing. The Accord was said to have been parked on the roadside for longer than a day.

While my sympathy goes to the victims of this accident, let us all be more cautious and corteous in our driving habits. Do well to slow down and give the other guy the right of way.

Last Saturday while returning from the office, I saw a guy sleeping behind the steering wheel. I was driving along old Aba Road, between Shell RA and Rumuomasi roundabout (in Port Harcourt). Suddenly, we noticed this guy dangerously creeping in on us. We thought it was a joke, but only to observe that the bloke was actually dozing-off behind the wheels – a case of micro-sleeping while driving even at very low speeds. Had my coleague not been alert to notice this guy and cautioned me to quickly get out of “his” way, I would have had my car seriously dented.

When you point one finger at another person, at least three fingers are pointing at you. My people, make we think o.


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