Even the walls and rocks will crack to make ways for the man that has a will.
But while you are at it, striving to find a way where there seems to be no way, bend the rules if you must, but don’t break the law.  And yes, never step on or use other people’s heads as footstools on your path to your longed for heights.
I was returning late from the office with some pals last night. All the same, the unending traffic-holdups that has become the unflattering signature of a once upon a Garden City – Port Harcourt – caught up with us as we were heading towards Rumuobiakani roundabout. It was then that the skipper of this “tri-bike” – Keke NAPEP (in the picture above) insisted on making his own way. The other side of the divide was scanty of on-coming traffic and apparently safe for him to make this move. Risky as it was, he made it through.
You are concerned about the legality of his action or the potential danger he was exposing himself to? So I’m I. But those were not the perspectives on my mind as I watched him. This is Nigeria. What I see here is the ingenuity of a man with a will. Don’t you think so?
I have a will
I will make it
I will make a way.
My way


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