“Grandma, what is your name?”


Last evening, Willy wanted to know my mum’s (his granny’s) name.

Son : “Daddy, what is grandma’s name?”

Dad: “Grandma is there, go and ask her.”

Son: “Daddy, granny has told me her name. Is that a Yoruba name?”

Dad: “Yes, it is.”

Son: “Daddy can you spell it for me?”

Dad: “No, I won’t spell it for you. You just try and spell it yourself. You spell it the way you pronounce the alphabets in the name.”

Willy, eventually spelt his granny’s name correctly. Again, back to daddy he came.
Son: “Daddy, what is the meaning of grandma’s name?

Dad: “Grandma is there go and ask her yourself. Every name borne by every occupant of this house has a meaning. Ask grandma to tell you the meaning of her name.”

Son: “OK, I will ask her later.”

Dad: “William, can you tell me the meaning of your name?”

Son: “Yes I can, the meaning of my name is …”

Dad: “That is correct. Good night son.”

Son: “Good night daddy.”


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