My princess & I


        Me & Oonere – 2005

“Daddy are you the one that took Americanah from my table?”
“Yes, I’m the one.”
“I want to read it.”
“I`m not giving it to you.
No, I`m not giving it to you.”
That was the retort from me in response to Oonere`s request that I loan her Chimamanda’s latest novel – Americanah. “The last of her books I loaned you, you spoilt the edges, so I an not loaning you this one (for now). At least not until I finish reading it myself.”
“But daddy, I am not the one that spoilt the edges of Half A Yellow Sun.”
“OK, I’ve heard you, but I am not giving it to you (now). Afterall, we have four of her books and you are yet to finished all the other titles. At any rate, you are still writing your exams. When you finish your exams you can come back for it.”
I picked up Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie`s Americanah at Lagos Airport last Thursday. Isn’t it amusing? My little girl of yesterday has started dragging novels with her dad.


Oonere with her cousin Eniola – 2013

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