Article: Man steals church computer, demands porn block removed

Man steals church computer, demands porn block removed

Did you see what I’ve been musing about?
That,  “What you do online affects your life offline.”?
Did you read the story through to the end?  A church member stole a computer belonging to his church protesting and demanding that his church unblock access to porn sites.

Men and brethren,  God demands that we live clean,  pure and holy lives everywhere including here in the cyberspace.

(1)If you will not tell lies in real life,  don’t tell lies here –  on Facebook

(2)If you will not steal what doesn’t belong to you in real life,  do not install software that enables you to hack into and use other people’s paid WiFi network,  not to talk of commiting more heinous online crimes.

(3)If you will not commit adultery and fornication in the open,  do not commit the equivalent form of adultery –  mental adultery – by going to porn sites and brooding over unsollicited immoral pictures and videos.

(4)If you will not have the temerity to bully and insult people in the open,  why are you uncivilly insulting and bullying people you disagree with on Facebook just because you think you are secured due to assumed anonymity.?

…….  the list can continue on and on.

Friends,  men and brethren I am not making a new list of commandments.  The fact is that many christians do permit these foxes (not so little)  to destroy their christian lives and testimonies. 

Stop living a compartmentalized Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde type of life. 

You are the light of the world,  let your light shine to show the way to those who do not know the Saviour.

You are the salt of the earth.  You are meant to preserve the world from moral decay.  Don’t turn your saltiness into useless dust.

” Right is right even if nobody is doing it.  Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it” – Rachel’s Challenge