A journey of a thousand miles ….


A journey of a thousand miles always start with the first step. And so, at long last I’ve come to the end of AMERiCANAH – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s latest novel.
I picked up this title at MMA2 around April this year. My daughter who was reading, That Thing Around Your Neck another title from her, quickly borrowed the novel from me. Not long afterwards, she returned it telling me she has finished reading it. Commenting on the book and comparing it with her other three titles, she said, “if you look at her, you will not even know that she can talk o.” I guessed she was referring to her simple youthful picture perfect African beauty elegantly captured on the front or back cover page of each of her novels. Such beauty, that beguiles Professor Adichie’s depth of thinking and knowledge.
I arrived on the rig before lunch time ended  on Friday and I finished my job not long afterwards. On this particular rig, getting a chopper flight back home may take another extra two, three or more days even after you’ve finished your job. Two chopper flights came on Saturday, but the dispatcher announced that at least one of us have to drop from the flight. The chopper must not carry overload. I decided to turn “unfortunately” to fortunate. I had my Americanah with me. Continuing from page 167 where I last stopped, the novel was un-put-off-able. I was equally unstoppable. And so I carried on until I finished it this evening.
Certainly, I am eagerly waiting for Professor Chimamada’s next book.


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