And so the machine locked me out.


Crashed but unburnt.j
Locked out by my own computer. Read the story of how I get back on.

The previous night I used my colleague’s USB drive to transfer two files from my laptop for his use. Afterwards, I worked on my laptop long into the night. Now back to terra firma, the following morning, I proceeded to bootup my laptop as usual. Ordinarily, this is a daily ritual with no ground shaking consequences. Alas, this time around, my computer failed to log me on. I tried the same password that I have used thousands of times in the past, the machine just locked me out.
This is how I got back in, after several futile attempts with the message repeatedly that my profile cannot logged on with the password details provided.
(1)I boot up my PC in safe mode.
(2)With the limited access so gained to my PC, I started the Backup/Restore program
(3)Navigate to and click on – Restore to last known working profile
(4)And that was what finally did it.

I searched online for a possible solution. Sure, others have had similar problems. It was not a smooth one time attempt, but, piecing the information I got here and there, I finally got my laptop back on with the same old password.
The morale of this story is this; you must have a backup program for your essential files. And that is exactly what I did. Using, the file sync program – Goodsync, I backed up my most essential files to my USB drives. I bought Goodsync online four years ago. Rumaging through my old files (on the same laptop), I was able to get the license key. I quickly downloaded the program again for my Windows 7 Samsung ultrabook. The program worked fine just like it did on my long retired XP and Vista laptops.  I also setup a bi-weekly backup scheme for my system.
Another cautionary step is to be wary of the flash drives you use on your systems so as not to get them infested with viruses and other maleficient sinister intent programs. About 10 years ago, I bought a 100MB memory stick for N20000. Today, a 500GB USB hard disk drive can be got for less than that same amount. So, you really do not have any excuse. Don’t say, “It cannot happen to me.” If you don’t have a regular backup program, sooner than later, it will happen. These days, it goes without saying that “data is life”, “data is money” and data cost many years in terms of time invested. So, save yourself the heartache/heart attack of a crashed and burnt computer. Or like in my own case against the day your machine “decide” to lock you out in the cold, dark, unforgiving, irredeemable though entirely avoidable atmosphere of data-loss. Backup today!


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