You’ve got a problem? Sleep over it.

Life is full of challenges. At home you may have issues with your spouse. Or it could be that your once cherubic innocent kid suddenly “grew horns”, and metamorphosed into a  recalcitrant and intractably truculent  teenager. At other times, you have issues with colleagues who suddenly became noncooperative. You may be at the receiving end of bad office-politics or some demigod of a boss.  How do you confront and surmount these challenges? 
First, you need to understand that there are some things you don’t have control over. So your worry warts are not going to change anything. For instance, you can not change the situation of politics and “budget-cliff” situation in USA. So, why should you worry about it? Yes, it is true that in the global village we live in, what happens in America (or any other part of the world) can have very significant impacts on us here. Agreed. But then, what immediate power do you have to change things in USA for instance? If none, why must you destroy yourself through worry and anxiety?
Secondly, there are some things you can really control – most especially our attitudes and the way we respond to issues. As, we work on these, the concerns we don’t have control over begin to fall into their proper perspectives and places. Simultaneously, we are better prepared to deal with them in a more congenial non life and peace-threatening way.
Finally, – and this is the main thrust of this article – at times, the best first-iteration-solution to any problem is to just sleep over it. Of course I do not mean the ostritch head in the sand kind of attitude. Yes, this idea is not original to me. In fact, some of you might have been practicing this even without knowing it.
A lot of things happen, when we have, or, give ourselves the chance to sleep over some problems, both petty and and not so petty ones, that are bogging us down.
One, by the time you wake up the following morning, those circumstances and issues that were keeping you restless yesterday might have become less aggravating . Even if they haven’t, your perspective on those issues might have changed over the night. This changed perspective of yours more often than not sharpen your wits and judgement thereby equipping you with the ability to grapple with your concerns and problems in a less enervating way.

In fact, you may discover to your greatest surprise, what seemed so important last night may be much less so by the time you wake up the following morning.

So, next time those recusant problems, challenges and concerns come your way, just make time to sleep over them. You will be amazed at the solutions you might come up with in the morning.

You’ve got any problem? Go and sleep over it first.

3 comments on “You’ve got a problem? Sleep over it.

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