My girlfriend and I (on WhatsApp).




Dad : “You want to pay me for my Galaxy Note 3 ? (Lol). You should be careful of the image you are conveying to people. You don’t want to be like the guy (as depicted in a cartoon) who was kidnapped for ransom because he was wearing a T-shirt that reads “MY MONEY GROWS LIKE GRASS.””

Oonere: “Everyone wears it.”

Dad: “NO. Not everyone. DO you wear it?”

Oonere: “No.”

Dad: “I just finished reading the novel – THE THING AROUND YOUR NECK.”

Oonere: “I don’t understand that book.”



Dad: “In my opinion, THE THING…… and AMERICANAH are the best of Chimamanda’s four novels. I learnt that HALF A YELLOW SUN has been acted into a film. I have not watched the film though. For me, I prefer more of reading to watching films. Good films can among other things, be entertaining informative and educating but, I think films are kind of fleeting and transitory in whatever they impart by virtue of their very medium of conveyance. Reading forces one to think and concentrates ones focus on what the author is trying to share. I actually “see” more through reading than watching films – even films adapted from books I have read before. Funniest thing, my venerable professor looked at us in the class the other time and said (partly in rebuke and partly to correct us), “You people don’t read these days !” And I completely agreed with him.
Well, back to Chimamanda’s novels, I think I understand most of the things she wrote about in her boks. They look so real and practically true. I can relate to many of them. I don’t know the criteria they use for awarding Nobel Prizes but I won’t be surprised if she wins a Nobel Prize in Literature in the future. She has already bagged several illustrious prizes and laurels. I learnt that she is a professor – lecturing at one of those prestigious American universities. See it? Such lofty achievements at such a youthful age? You may wish to re-read AMERICANAH and THE THING … again – when you are on vacation. THE THING …. is a collection of short stories. Sometimes, I re-read my favorite novels two or three times over. For instance, when I read Chinua Achebe’s THINGS FALL APART back in my OL days, I did not quite understand or fully appreciate its depth, wealth and worth then. Now, as an adult, I’ve re-read it some couple of times over. Now I fairly understand why it is considered one of the best 100 novels ever written. I will advise that you dust up that your novel, edit and re-write it as I am sure you will need to.”

Oonere: “Yes i will, but I dont have time.”

Dad: “Of course you won’t have time. But you will make out time for it one way or the other. That is why you need to set your priorities right and focus.”

Oonere: “I will see to that.”

Dad: “Yes. Make sure you do it.”

Mercy: “All right.”

Dad: “Visit my blog and share the link with your friends

Oonere: “It’s not working.”

Dad: “Just click on the link. It’s working fine.”

Dad: “One of the things that will really help you when writing is to always cross-check and “proof-read” your work and refer to your dictionary as often as necessary. Luckily enough, you have Meriam Webster in your galaxy. No one is perfect, but if we keep on learning and practising, we will always certainly keep on getting better. In our last conversation for instance, I used the word “price” when I meant to use “prize”. Careful proof-reading will help you to minimize or even completely eliminate these types of mistakes.”

Dad: “I went for a quick dinner in the galley a short while ago. I must get back to work now. Bye. Love U.”

Oonere: “Love you too Daddy.”


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