Becoming Best of Friends


Friendship is what keeps your marriage relationship
going longer than anything else does. Once a while when passion grows cold, as they are bound to, the understanding that comes with being best of friends is what will keep your relationship with your spouse fresh and up-to-date. Recently, a woman wrote, “Do all marriages go stale after 25 years? Ours has. We used to talk about our kids; but now they’re grown, and we’re out of conversations. I have no major complaints, but the old excitement is gone. We watch a lot of television and we read a lot. And we do have friends that we get together with. But when we’re all alone together it’s pretty dull. Is there some way to recapture that old magic?” Actually, the problem with this woman’s marriage is lack of friendship. Best friends talk about everything, not just children or family finances, ministry or merchandise. They talk about everything, not just for the fun of it, but because they are so blended together that their conversations are not forced. They flow so naturally. Imagine the way it was with you and your childhood friend; how the two of you would be together for hours unending, and wouldn’t even recollect what you spent those hours discussing, because you said a lot to each other that you’d lost track of. That’s the way you and your spouse should be-—real intimate friends.

From:  Christian Women Mirror – October 2013

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