Before the coup d’etat: My story


It’s just yesterday

While we were having small-talk in the office this morning, my senior coleague had this to say. “When your boy is 12 years old, tell him, Son, hurry and grow up to 15 so that I can teach you how to drive. If you challenge him this way, he is not likely to sneak the car-key away from you. More likely, he will not attempt driving the car without your permission or supervision. He will likely not go and make a reprogrammed replica of your car-key and make away with the car for unwholesome escapades when your are not watching.” “When your child, the small boy of yesterday begins to admire your T-shirt and say, “Daddy, I like this your T-shirt o o. Know exactly that the time has come for you to start dialouging with him. If you hesitate or delay, know assuredly that a coup d’etat is in the making. That guy, your small boy of yesterday will certainly dethrone you.”
The overthrowing may either be for good or for ill. My God, let this guy dethrone me. And O, let it be for good.


And now, today

This apt and timely admonition reminded me of the experience, I had with my son last Sunday. On our way back from the “combined” service, after descending the sharp descent of the “off the road track” opposite Elelenwo FM Radio Station (Port Harcourt), my 15 years old boy said, “Daddy, let me drive the car home from here.” Without any hesitation, I immediately obliged him (and that to the relief of my wearied feet). He drove the car through the gullied cobbled tracks home without any hitch. It was an opportunity for me to give him more driving safety tips. His elder sister is the more cautionary type. She has already started moving the car (under my supervision) as well. However, she has not completed her driving lessons as she had to go for her ALs at EAC Ibadan having successfully completed her OLs.



When I was a teenager, my father had many cocerns. One of his fears was that, “I hope this boy will not grow up to be very mean to his younger sibblings?” God bless his memory, today, his fears have been more than allayed as I give ample attentive care to all my younger sibblings who look up to me as their dad. My dad knowing how much I like books called me one day and said, ” When you start working and begin to come by some money, I hope that you will not spend all you earn on  just buying books ?” If I could spend but just a moment with  him now, he will gladly accent to the fact that his fears of my spending all my earned money on books has been assayed and proved positively. otherwise.



We do not know beforehand for sure how our parenting efforts are going to end up. All the same, we must start early, Start the dialogue early before those your little kids begin to forment coups against you. Continuing further, the doctor said, “these young people already have their minds made up. You cannot force them or change them, all you can do is mould them and direct their minds in the right way while they are still malleable.”
If we dutifully and prayerfully perform our assigned parental roles well, we are assured of God`s rewards and blessings. This preacher is preaching to himself first and foremost.

Pro 22:6 (KJV)
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Pro 29:17 (KJV)
Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest;  yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.

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