On the value of Being Prepared for the Unexpected: Do you have a Plan B,?


After four days of being out of town, it was already getting late as dusk has since given way to palpable darkness. And as if to add to my misery, I got to the car park to discover that one of the tyres was seriously under inflated. Driving it from the garage to the nearest vulcanizer’s shop was out of considerations. The vulcanizer has long since closed for the day. Case closed.

What saved the day was the portable tyre inflator in the booth. Even with it, I could hardly make out the position of the valve on the underinflated tyre. Again, the small 2 years old rechargeable pocket flaslight I left in the car came to my rescue. Both tools have long since worked for their money’s worth, having saved me from several instances of unexpected inconveniences in the past.
I noticed the tyre was going down last Wednesday morning as I was going to the office from where I was to proceed offshore for four days. It may possibly have gone completely flat by the time I return back from my foray offshore. Hope. Unfortunately, there was no time for me to fix it before travelling. Luckily enough, I did not forget to drop the tyre  inflator inside the car. Even though the spare tyre was still OK, having to remove a flat tyre under near zero lighting conditions is not something you will like to contemplate after returning from a wearisome long journey. Happily enough, the tyre did not go all the way down by the time of my return. I quickly pressure it up and was soon behind the steering wheel, heading home. Hope. Yes, hope met with prepa tee dness.
I have since fixed the bad tyre. No thanks to the off-the-road nails strewn last kilometre of my drive home, The tubeless tyre was gradually being undone by a sharp nail that has pierced and remained stuck on to it.

Life is full of uncertainties, setbacks, the unexpected and unpredictables. My friend, do you have a Plan B?



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