My computer locked me out again

This evening, my laptop locked me out again. “O my God don’t let this happen to me again. Here I am in this far away America. How do I review or research my training lessons? if this laptop fail to boot me up to the desktop screen I will be in a big mess.”
As I silently muttered a prayer, I tried to retrace the steps I used to recover from this mishap the last time it happened to me in Port Harcourt.
No. I did not misspelt my user profile password (the one you type to open & have access to your desktop). I’ve used the same password as recently as yesterday in the office before I commenced the trip to Duncan, Oklahoma. This time around, the PC stubbornly refused to boot up to the desktop.

Here are the steps that I followed to recover from the near disaster.
1. I tried the password again and again. No results.
2. Restart the system and pressed F2 to take me to the  BIOS settings screen. The BIOS screen asked me for a password. I entered the wrong password and the system gave me WARNING about this. That means, I must not even guess the last password I used on this BIOS screen again. Doing so may put me at the risk of completely locking myself out of this system with no hope of recovery. You certainly don’t want your computer to be turned into a brick.
3. Again, I rebooted the system while pressing F4. This enabled me to start the computer in Safe Mode. Safe Mode boot up completed, I clicked on Accessories, –  System Maintenace, – Backup & Restore, – Restore.
Happily enough, the system recently performed and saved two System Restore points as recently as on the 11th and 13th of November. I selected the older of the two dates and anxiously while muttering prayers, “My God, please let it work ….” And it did. The system took me back to the last used profile of two days ago. Yes, I sighed, a relieving sigh it was. Nothing loss.

I don’t know if this problem is peculiar to my laptop. The first time it occured, I googled up the web for a solution. As expected, there are millions of articles, but how do I fish out the solution that will fix my own particular problem now, now, now? Searching for a needle in a barn of hay.
OK, people. This is not a problem that occur everyday. You might have been using PCs all your life without encountering this type of hiccups. So be it. Amen. The steps above may come in handy if you ever need to rescue yourself from a situation where your laptop lock you out from getting access to your data.

(1) If you use System BIOS password, make sure you record & keep it safe for that particular laptop.
(2) Always have records of at least two or three of your most recently used passwords. Yes. I know the universal advice “Do not write down your password.” Well, I have devised a way of writing down my passwords on paper in such a way that I am the only one that can decipher them. Of course, NSA and all the “no-good-goons” of the cyberspace can still break in and do their mayhem on my computers, but no average PC   user can make away with my data just because of a sloppishly written unimaginative password. (Yes, if you get hold of my uncoded password, it will work for you in a snap.)
(3)Finally, backup. Backup! Backup!! Backup!!! Don’t wait until you are faced with nerves jarring and potentially heart attack inducing experience of data loss “wahala” before you begin to think about setting up a Backup System. The stress and heartache you will go through is never worth it in these days of dirt-cheap storage.
(4)Now, add your own suggestion here.
(5)Yet more suggestions from you.
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