The Sum of All Fears


Standing on the queue, while we were checking in at Houston airport, one of the officers a lady (of Indian descent, I guess), cautioned me to stop taking pictures so that the airport security officers will not seize my Note 3. It’s so funny because the picture (the only one I took there was harmless and posed no security risk at all – imho). I quickly complied.
Morale: Always ask for permission, before you take pictures in a place you are not sure of especially where you have many officers around. My God with all the millions of camera phones and digital cameras being bought every year, what do these people expect people to be doing with them anyway?
The  picture, flags of various nations beautifully arranged to welcome visitors checking into George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston was iressistible to me. I always ask for security officers permission before taking pictures at such places. I just kind of felt since I did not see any poster warning against the taking of pictures, I just could go ahead and do it. I was not the only one that took pictures there, I told the woman this. The lady said “Just don’t do it again or your phone may get seized.”

Talking about the Sum of All Fears.

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