Use of English Language (It still matters.)

No one is perfect. Even highly acclaimed citadels of learning are not always completely immuned from making simple mistakes in the use of English Language. You have made your own fair share of mistakes. So have I. No splitting hairs here. But, in my own case, I am still learning. I want to improve and get better. Day-by-day.

That is another reason why I like the Japanese. They not only make high quality well sought after products (my cameras, my wrist-watches, my “tokunbo”  car Yes, those are the only Made in Japans I have at home. Now, add your own list.), they also, communicate the how-to-use instruction manuals on these products in “high quality” impeccable English that my little boy can pick up, read and almost immediately understand. The Koreans have successfully replicated this pattern. The user manuals for my Samsung Android phones and home electronics are mostly well written in good and easy to understand Englush language. However, the Japs still excel over them in the area I am considering. (That is my not so humble opinion anyway.) But for the Chinese made products, hmmm.  The user manual for any run-of-the-mill Chinese product is a different kettle of fish. Of course, I know that the Chinese do make fine products as well. We all use their products everyday. No qualms. However, the user manual for any average Chinese product is bedevilled by so much bastardized and laissez-faire “I don’t care” attitude in the use of English language. This is so much so that I can almost tell the quality of a product by the way English Language is used to write its product manual. Yes, appearances could be deceptive, but that is my rule of thumb.

Now, what am I driving at? I can almost smell all 419 letters by the quality of English used in their writing. You know all these letters that flood your mailbox, Facebook and other online social networks. They tell you to go and claim huge sums of money from banks in which you never deposit any currency note. “Don’t worry, you don’t need to sweat before you gain” is their operating mantra. They tell you that you have been granted employment or job placement interviews in “5-star” companies where you never sought for employment. And so on and so forth. All these people prey on our inbuilt greed and the average citizen’s love for quick gain to undo us. Now,  take a look at the mail below. The sender used the name and Facebook profile picture of my office colleague to write and send me this job invitation. This message was sent to me on Facebook Messenger. The sender is purportedly working with Chevron.  This is a ruse, to sucker me in. I don’t easily fall for these kind of baits. You can immediately tell from the first line that this is a 419 mail. The written English is so violated that you can safely spare your eyes, time and sanity reading it to the end.

I know my people and my people know me. My people, shine your eyes o o.

CHRISTOPHER,  Chevron Nigeria Limited where i work is currently recruiting on a 5 years
contracting staff basses, and after the contractual period
Diligent/well behaved
Employees would be retained as Permanent staffs of Chevron international,
I am currently in Its ofshore location where the network is bad but i would be back to shore on
05-08-2014. urgently email these details over to me
on {}
The needed Details are:
4.. SEX:
Send the needed details over urgently as it will enable me forward it
immediately to Our Human Resources Department without further delay.
Note after sending the Detail over kindly check your email Bulk/
in-box on daily basis as it could be the sole medium with which i will
send you further updates when ever such need arises.

How high will you fly today?

It is so amazing and you just cannot imagine what heights we can reach and how much we can learn,  grow and quickly soar when we push ego, hubris and selfish self-interest aside.

Jam 4:6,10
6 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

1Pe 5:6
6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,

A rainbow appeared at Ibadan, seen simultaneously at Port Harcourt.

DAUGHTER:  “Daddy,  you need to see what I’m seeing now. Very interesting.”

DAD: “Go ahead. Tell me,  what is it?”

DAUGHTER: I am seeing double rainbows, simultaneously appearing from different directions of the city. Very beautiful. The two rainbows are almost perfect and their colors seem to be merging into one another and the colors are well defined.”

DAD: “So, what are you waiting for? Why not take some shots of the rainbow and send them to me. You have your phone with you don’t you?”

DAUGHTER: “Daddy,  I’m not at a vantage point to capture the rainbow, but I will try. ”

And try she did. The results of her efforts are the pictures you are seeing here. She sent them to me via WhatsApp. (I couldn’t harangue them out of WhatsApp. So, I had to join them there.) As to the success or otherwise of her efforts, go ahead, you be the judge.



Amidst all the stress and unending rigours of daily living,  how many of us find time to appreciate the beauty of nature? Lift up your heads see the beauty of the blue sky and the silvery clouds. Do you ever find time to smell the flowers? How many of us ever take time to recover our long lost child like ability to wonder and ponder the amazing beauty of a butterfly intricately designed gossamer wings? And so on and so forth.
My folks, take time. Take time to wonder,  ponder and live. Yes, really live.