A rainbow appeared at Ibadan, seen simultaneously at Port Harcourt.

DAUGHTER:  “Daddy,  you need to see what I’m seeing now. Very interesting.”

DAD: “Go ahead. Tell me,  what is it?”

DAUGHTER: I am seeing double rainbows, simultaneously appearing from different directions of the city. Very beautiful. The two rainbows are almost perfect and their colors seem to be merging into one another and the colors are well defined.”

DAD: “So, what are you waiting for? Why not take some shots of the rainbow and send them to me. You have your phone with you don’t you?”

DAUGHTER: “Daddy,  I’m not at a vantage point to capture the rainbow, but I will try. ”

And try she did. The results of her efforts are the pictures you are seeing here. She sent them to me via WhatsApp. (I couldn’t harangue them out of WhatsApp. So, I had to join them there.) As to the success or otherwise of her efforts, go ahead, you be the judge.



Amidst all the stress and unending rigours of daily living,  how many of us find time to appreciate the beauty of nature? Lift up your heads see the beauty of the blue sky and the silvery clouds. Do you ever find time to smell the flowers? How many of us ever take time to recover our long lost child like ability to wonder and ponder the amazing beauty of a butterfly intricately designed gossamer wings? And so on and so forth.
My folks, take time. Take time to wonder,  ponder and live. Yes, really live.


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