The largest room in the world

Willy started his pet project some couple of days back. He is not done with it yet.

Mum (calling from the kitchen): “Wiiiilly, what are you doing now?”
Willy: “I’m working on my house. ”


The “room for improvement” is said to be the largest room in the world. As a civilization, we all get to where we are today because of the often small but gradual and ever increasing improvements that our ancestors made day after day over the ages. So, whatever your vocation, gift or calling, always strive for improvement, mastery and excellence.


Is any guy/gal resting on his oars already – self satisfied and complacent? Look at Willy above and get inspired. The chap did not even know that what he is modelling is more than a house.  Tell Willy, it is called a mansion.

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