The paparazzi Have Taken Over. (But a smartphone does not a photographer make)

I was at the marriage registry yesterday for the court wedding of my protege. Inside the court room,  only the court approved photographer was permitted to take snap shots. Violators risked having their cameras or smartphones confisficated by the presiding magistrate. And that rightfully so. You can imagine the bedlam that would have been let loose if all the witnesses and spectators were allowed to freely use their cameras and camera phones while the magistrate was presiding over the solemn moments when the bride and the grooms were exchanging their nuptial vows.


After the ceremony,  the official photographer had to struggle and be on his toes to take nice shots of the newly married groom and bride. Repeatedly, the throng of well-meaning friends and well-wishers were ever gate-crashing to the front of the couple, making barely enough room for the assigned photographer to capture images of the newly married. Even though these guys and gals meant well,  they were unwittingly making things cumbersome for the bride and the groom.
So, next time you are at a wedding ceremony or any other important occasions  endeavour to not spoil the show by brandishing your only-one-in-town iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tab. I am not in anyway suggesting that we should never use our smartphone cameras at such occasions. What I am saying is that people should not inadvertently try to steal the show by inconsiderately brandishing their toyish camera phones. The proper thing to do is to quickly use your camera phone and then step-aside for the pros and assigned photographers to capture hard copies of those moments that will be well cheerished by (as in this case,  the wedding couples) all later on.
Come to think of it, no camera phone, yes, none of the latest and greatest cameraphones are capable of capturing professional quality images like the cameras used by the professional and even amateur photographers. The Samsungs and Apples of this world may keep churning out their unending salvos of smartphones, but none of them will ever reach the image quality of well built point and shoots not to mention pro level DSLRs from the Canons,  Nikons,  Sonys etc of this world,  unless the latter ones start relaxing on their know-how. That is what the pros knew which the paparazzi don’t. Anybody there listening? A cameraphone does not a photographer make.


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