At times, little things do matter most and cause great consequences.


When I was in the secondary school in the early 80s, my venerable Mathematics teacher used to emphasize during every lecture (to us his students) on the need to pay attention to little things.
His maxim then was, “Little things do matter and (at times) cause great consequences.”

Now, look closesly at the picture below and corroborate the wisdom of my old Maths teacher.


To those of you (my people) who still think that English Language doesn’t matter, look closely at the picture above & think again. Nobody is perfect and I still make my own ample share of mistakes as well. But what is not acceptable is mental laziness. Ignorance is not a bliss in this matter and engregious mistakes like the one shown above cannot be overlooked. We will do well and fare better to make daily efforts to improve our use of spoken & written English Language. Practise, even if it doesn’t make you perfect will definitely make you better and better. I hope I’m speaking to the right audience?

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