It’s just like yesterday.

Calling out to my teenage daughter, “Babyy, come over here.”

“Yes daddy, here I am. What is it?”

“I want you to have this baseball cap from me. It is meant for you now. Use it for as long as you like. Anytime and anywhere and anyhow you like it. But ensure you don’t abuse or flippantly bend it over. Neither should you carelessly disfigure the shape and the logo. This cap is not going to last forever. (Nothing in this life ever does.) However ensure you make it last for as long as possible. OK?”


Addressing myself to her some moments later as she was dressing up to go for her work, “Baby, will you wear this cap for me now, so I can see how well it fits on you?”

“Daddy, I’m getting late for work already …”

“OK, but, you will wear it for the snapshot when you return from work or at some other time.”

“Yes. I will.”

And so it was. My little girl of yesterday is preparing to go out for work. Her first job. She has been on at it for over three months now. She teach and mind the toddlers in a nursery primary school a stone-throw from our place of abode. It’s just like yesterday. And now, my “little girl” is rushing out to beat the resumption time – on her first job. Meanwhile, I, her dad stays cocooned at home, weathering the storm of sudden unemployment. Two days ago, I was let-off by my former company. Redundancy.

And now I am left with memories. Memories and memorabilia of the good (and not always so good) and the past distant (and not so distant) old days.

On the match again. I will rise again.

Halliburton  logo on baseball cap

Halliburton flying H logo on base ball cap.

Hal Logo (1)